Kia Motors Electric Vehicles

Kia Motors has been offering the Ray EV in limited quantities to government fleets in Korea for a few years. Now, Kia has announced they will produce an all-electric Kia Soul for delivery to international markets in the second half of 2014. Using the knowledge they gained from their Ray EV, Kia is touting the Soul EV as having class leading range due to a high density battery pack.

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Kia Niro EV and PHEV

The Kia Niro is a compact utility vehicle that comes in 3 flavors – hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and a full electric vehicle. Similar to the IONIQ, and sharing drivetrain components, the vehicle is the first EV from the automaker that will be sold worldwide.

Kia Soul EV

The redesigned Kia Soul will be launching in early 2014 – later in the year, Kia will be releasing an all electric version called the Soul EV. With a ‘class leading range’ due to a high density lithium-ion battery pack, the Soul EV could be some real competition for the Nissan Leaf. Kia says it will offer it nationwide in the US, as well in other markets around the world making it unlikely to be simply a compliance EV.