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BBC Doc - EV

Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:56 am

Hi All

-I am working on a film for Inside Out London looking at London getting ready for the governments decree that all cars should be electric in 20 years! Its a crazy challenge that few think can be achieved. So, we are off to meet the Londoners fighting to make it happen.

What I'm looking for is 4-5 people, places, campaigners that are working on promoting the electric car. We'll tie them all together with me on a simple little journey in an electric car meeting each one. It could be a someone at creating new projects, it could be an expert working on a super small battery... it could be a group of electric car fans etc... but the question is 'how ready is London for an electric car boom, what needs to happen - we meet the pathfinders' Also anyone that would like an EV but cant get access to charging points or finding it too expensive to afford to buy one? The good and the bad stories most welcome please! Email

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