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The Rise Of The E-Bike: Smart Choice For Commuting & Better Health

Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:27 am

Could not live without my E bike. Originally bought it for my son when he was in high school and he refused to take the bus and I was getting tired of him asking for rides. He went out of town to school and left his bike. It is fantastic!!! Doing errands is a breeze and you pedal when you want. So you get more exercise than driving but if you feel lazy that day just don't pedal as much ;)

Electric bicycles are like electric cars. People who don’t like them are usually people who haven’t tried them. I was at a local farmers’ market recently where I got to take a test ride on an electric bicycle. I only drove it for about 50 feet before I knew I wanted one. At an age when creaky knees and hips are beginning to impact my lifestyle choices, an e-bike — sometimes called a pedelec — could fulfill most of my transportation needs, at least in the warmer months.

E-Bike Use Varies By Country

e-bikeThe e-bike is a bit of a regional phenomenon. They are hugely popular in European countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, and France. In fact, nearly a third of all bicycles sold in the Netherlands today are electric. In the UK, sales are less than half that. In the US, they are still a relatively new phenomenon.

Why An Electric Bike?

What is it about electric bikes that makes them so appealing? “It’s quite difficult to explain what one feels like. You’re still cycling but it’s like being an Olympic athlete. You can go faster and longer; hills are less effort. The acceleration is quite fun, even for the most skeptical grown up,” is how Steve Gardis, operations director for the UK Bicycle Association puts it in a piece in The Guardian. “Ebikes level the playing field,” he says. “People of different abilities and fitness can cycle together. People can cycle with their enthusiast partners. Grandparents can go out with their families because e-bikes close that gap.”

Paul Stewart of UK cycle distributor Moore Large says, “If you look at our cities and the way that we commute, the e-bike gives you the opportunity to get around at a reasonable pace. You don’t need to get all hot and sweaty, you don’t need to pay [car] tax or have a driving licence, because they’re classed as bikes.

What Is An E-Bike?

In its most basic form, an electric bicycle is little more than a conventional bike that has a small electric motor and a battery added. Most have an electronic control system that allows the rider to select the level of assistance desired, ranging from none to full electric operation. The batteries are usually designed so they can be easily detached and brought inside for recharging using a normal electrical outlet when the ride is done. Most have a range of at least 10 miles, with 30 to 40 miles being typical.

Just as with an electric car, the weight of the motor and battery can affect the balance of the bike. In general, integrating the motor into the hub where the pedals attach to the frame and mounting the battery low in the chassis result in the best riding experience. By law, e-bikes are limited to a top speed of between 15 and 20 mph, depending on the country they are used in. Otherwise, they turn into a different vehicle class.

https://cleantechnica.com/2017/09/24/ri ... er-health/
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Re: The Rise Of The E-Bike: Smart Choice For Commuting & Better Health

Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:33 am

Brompton Folding Electric Bicycle Has 50 Mile Range, Ships In 2018
August 2nd, 2017 by Steve Hanley

This story on the Brompton folding electric bicycle was first published on Gas2.

Brompton has been building folding bicycles for years. It’s the most recognized name in the folding bicycle market. Now it has enhanced the appeal of its products by adding the Brompton Electric, the world’s first production folding electric bicycle.

The battery and motor are supplied by Williams Advanced Engineering, the same company that supplies batteries to Formula E, the international open-wheel racing series for electric cars. The battery for the Brompton Electric bicycle clips onto the front of the bike and stores away into a separate bag for easy carrying.

The company says its folding electric bicycle is the most technically advanced model it has ever produced. “We’ve spent five years taking Williams Racing technology and integrating it into the Brompton,” says company CEO Will Butler-Adams. “It has been harder than any of us imagined but we believe we have created a product that will inspire more people to get out from under the ground, out of their cars and back onto a bike to rediscover their cities.”

Brompton’s folding frames date back to 1975, when Andrew Ritchie built the first one in his flat in London. The brand opened its first factory in 1988, and today makes more than 45,000 folding bikes each year — making it the UK’s largest bicycle manufacturer. Aimed at city dwellers, Brompton bikes fold up to a third of their size, so can be carried on trains by commuters or packed into the boot of a car.

Typically, a Brompton folding bicycle weighs between 20 and 30 pounds. The Brompton Electric bicycle weighs about 36 pounds, but that is still about half what some other electric bicycles weigh. Its battery weighs less than 8 pounds. “The vision for the Brompton Electric was to make a product that was as light as possible without sacrificing durability, and was extremely compact,” says chief design and engineering officer Will Carleysmith.

The Brompton Electric has a range of 50 miles. Riders can select between three power assistance levels depending on their needs and riding style. There is also a smartphone app that lets users track their mileage and customize settings for the bike to their personal preference. The company says sales are strongest in cities, where finding places to park a bicycle safely outdoors are scarce. The folding bike fits easily into elevators and its relatively light weight makes it possible for most people to carry it upstairs as needed.

The Brompton Electric is now available to be reserved — as either a two or six speed version, in white or black — and the first models will be shipped in early 2018. Prices range from $2,900 to $3,400, depending on how the bike is configured. That is no more expensive than many electric bicycles (and some conventional bikes) that do not offer the low weight and convenience of the Brompton Electric.




https://cleantechnica.com/2017/08/02/br ... hips-2018/

Now I am not a fan at all on the looks of the Brompton but if I lived in the city core and space was an issue this is the real deal. Love the way it folds up nice and compact

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Re: The Rise Of The E-Bike: Smart Choice For Commuting & Better Health

Thu Sep 28, 2017 3:57 am

That's a lot of coverage for the e-bike in one thread thanks to voltage. I do like the mountain bike version more than the sort of city slicker low ride foldable bikes but the e-bike is a fantastic thing to have it allows you to get outside and exercise as much or as little as you want and for those who have physical disabilities or physical limitations it allows you to enjoy what you're doing outside and getting around and when you are at your end you can put it into easy mode and have it that you're home

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