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Tesla Model 3 Configurator Online In July Alongside First Deliveries, Limited Options At First

Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:05 am

(On the) Model 3 configurator, we expect that the configurator to go live towards the end of next month (July) when we deliver the first production Model 3.

…we are definitely on track to deliver the first production Model 3 next month. That’s going to be really exciting, and then we will have the configurator to go live right at that point.”

http://insideevs.com/tesla-model-3-desi ... ons-first/
How many Model 3s will be delivered out of the gate remains unknown – it kinda sounds like just one, but the fact that the configurator won’t be online until later in July (and we have scant details on the specifics of the Model 3 still), probably means that the initial delivery volume will perhaps be lower than some prior expectations.

Tesla Model 3 “release candidates” hint at upcoming color choices for July configurator release
But with that in mind, the CEO said Tesla would not be making the same mistake as it did with the Model X (so as to achieve a “rapid production ramp”), and that early customers for the Model 3 shouldn’t expect much in the way of actual configurable options.

There is a hint of upcoming colour choices - as of yet we don't know how many Model 3's will be delivered in July and it is a possibility it could be just 1 :shock:

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