Ford finally responds to ‘Stop Safely Now’ problem with official recall

Release Date: Available in initial markets, full rollout in 2013
MSRP: $39,995 US
Battery Pack Size: 23 kWh
Electric Range: 76 miles (EPA rated)
MPGe: 105 MPGe
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Ford is recalling the approximately 2600 Ford Focus Electric vehicles that have been built since Sept 15th at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant. The ‘Stop Safely Now’ issue is a situation that can cause a loss of power to the wheels, even while in motion. The steering and brakes to seem to remain unaffected.

An official investigation was opened about 7 weeks ago by the NHSTA, and yesterday, dealers were notified of a Safety Recall Notice yesterday – 13s09 “Powertrain Control Module Reprogram”


FORD: 2012-2014 Focus

ISSUE: Some 2012-2014 Focus Electric vehicles may exhibit one or more of the following concerns, red triangle warning lamp and Stop Safely Now displayed in message center, illuminated wrench lamp with multiple diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), illuminated ABS warning lamp with DTC C0044,12-volt battery experiencing a low state of charge when not connected to 120/240 volt Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) for 2 or more days.

For more information on the error and trouble experienced, check out this lengthy thread on the Ford Focus Electric forum

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