European Study shows drivers are open to electric and hybrid electric vehicles

Ford recently sponsored a survey of 6,000 people across Europe, and they found out the majority are committed to car ownership, but have increasing concerns about traffic congestion, cost of driving, and environmental issues.

The poll was done in order to better understand the public opinion and attitudes towards mobility issues. The survey found:

  • the majority said life would be impossible without a car
  • 76% said they are affected by stress from traffic congestion and fuel prices
  • 74% use public transport
  • 37% share cars
  • 3% use formal car sharing schemes
  • 53% say climate change was world’s biggest problem
  • 77% would not cut car usage to help tackle environmental issues
  • 72% say fuel efficiency is one of the areas they consider most when buying a car
  • 50% would use a more environmental driving style if they better understood the financial benefit
  • 57% say elected bodies bear most responsibility for reducing transport impact on the environment

There are over 1 billion cars on the roads today, and that number is forecast to be between 2 billion and 4 billion by 2050.