Electric DeLorean DMC-12

2013 DeLorean Electric

With 230hp and 240 ft-lbs of torque, the reinvented electric DeLorean has 100 more horsepower than the original and 2 times the amount of torque – according to Matt Farah from the Drive channel on YouTube, the DeLorean is finally fun to drive! Top speed is over 100 mph and the 0-60mph time is under 5 second. The original DeLorean takes almost 10 seconds to reach 60mph.

The prototype DMCev DeLorean uses lithium-ion phosphate batteries to power a DC motor. We are told that production versions will use AC motors so regen braking is possible. The production electric DeLorean will also use a larger battery pack to achieve a range of hopefully 200 miles. It will also feature the ability to use the car’s battery to supply power to your house if there is a power outage.

Price for the DMCev will be around $95,000 which is about double that of a top condition original DeLorean.