Nissan Leaf

Nissan uses Solar Diesel Ship to transport the Leaf

On January 27th, the┬áNichioh Maru began it’s maiden voyage. The maker of the first all electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf, Nissan wanted to continue it’s commitment to becoming a more green-minded company. The Nichioh Maru…

Nissan tests the Leaf in sub-zero temperatures

One of the major concerns most people have with electric vehicles is how their range and functionality is greatly decreased in cold weather. Nissan set out to prove that cold weather doesn’t affect the Leaf….

Nissan Leaf’s most popular colors

Just a few days ago we got news that Nissan had sold the 10,000th Nissan Leaf in the USA. Originally, Nissan had stated they had 26,000 reservations for the Nissan Leaf, which means there are…

Nissan Leaf in Melbourne

Australian Nissan Leaf Price Announced

The largely anticipated Nissan Leaf electric vehicle will hit Australian dealers and showrooms in June of 2012. Initially, the Nissan Leaf will be sold at 13 dealerships in the main cities of Australia, and will…