BMW i3 REx spy photos

Release Date: 2013
MSRP: $43,000 - $50,000 US
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2013 BMW i3 REx side view

We’ve seen spy shots of the upcoming 2013 BMW i3 electric vehicle before, but this is the first set of photos of one with the range extending engine. How do we know it’s the i3 REx version? They were caught refueling it at a gas station.

The BMW i3 electric vehicle will come with an optional range-extending gasoline powered 600cc twin cylinder engine.

This round of spy shots shows more of the vehicle, as BMW removes fake body panels and headlight coverings as they near a production version of the i3 city car.

Notice the complex surfacing, curved door panels and strange space below the window right behind the driver’s door – perhaps BMW is covering glass parts of the i3? Many thought BMW would need to scrap the glass doors for safety reasons, but there might be more glass there than we can see – like the prototypes originally had.