Battery supplier says GM’s Bolt EV will sell more than 30,000 next year

Release Date: late 2016
MSRP: $37,495 in the USA
Battery Pack Size: 66 kWh
Electric Range: 259 miles
MPGe: 119
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During a conference call to discuss LG Chem’s third quarter earnings, LG Chem Vice President Kang Chang-beom made a projection that GM will sell more than 30,000 Bolt EVs next year.

LG Chem is preparing to provide battery packs for the soon-to-be-delivered electric vehicle and is predicting sales numbers in order to allocate resources to keep up with the unknown demand for the packs.

The Bolt EV is already being pre-sold in some dealerships as GM dealers received allocations for the Bolt for the coming months.

In the USA, the Bolt starts at $37,495 including shipping.